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Why Choose Me?
Experienced Dog Walker in Melrose and Surrounding Areas

Why Chose Me: Welcome

What To Expect:

I will pick up your dog from their home in my professionally converted van with secure compartments and safety gates. The van also has extra ventilation installed to make sure your pet is comfortable on the journey to their fun dog walking location! I will take your dog to safe and large enclosed fields where they can have a great run around and enjoy a good play and explore!

I take a group of around 8 to 10 dogs on each walk, where they can play and socialise with each other. Your dog will enjoy an entire hour long walk outside so your dog will be out of the house for about 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours depending on the travel to pick up other dogs and the travel to the location.

After your dogs walk, I will drop them back off at home where I make sure they are towel dried (so they don’t trail dirt through your house), I also make sure they have enough food, water and treats to occupy them when I leave.

Please let me know if you have any special requirements for when your dog’s return home and I will make sure to cater for your dogs needs.

Why Chose Me: About

Fun & Exercise

Don’t feel guilty about leaving your pet alone. That's why I'm here. My Dog Walking service gives your pet maximum care, even when you can’t be there. Get in touch to book a session today.



Socialisation is super important for every dog, every dog is welcome to join my crew! I make sure to work and give time to each dog to create a calm and positive experience for them in our groups. Socialising with other dogs helps provide much needed exercise and mental stimulation. Group dog walks provide a safe and controlled environment to meet and play with other dogs, this can be beneficial to reduce stress and anxiety.

Pick up & Drop off

No need to worry about dropping your dog off because I will come and pick your dog up from your desired location and drop them back off. I have a fully equipped van with safe secure compartment and gates to transport your dog to our adventure location. Please get in touch to enquire about my dog walking times and dates to schedule your pooch in for their amazing fun filled dog walk.

Jennies K9 Crew branded van
Two dogs sat on a field wearing rain coats

Tailored to Your Dog

As an experienced dog owner, I understand that not every dog is the same and some dogs require different things. This is why I offer a meet and greet service to get to know your dog and build up trust before taking them on a group walk. I take the time to understand yours and your dogs needs and requirements, whether that be an anxious dog, an older dog, a dog with dietary requirements or a younger pup that’s learning the ropes. I tailor my services to suits what is best for your furry friend. Contact me to find out more.

Why Chose Me: Services

Contact Details


 07367 582835



Monday – Friday: 09:00 -17:00
Saturday – 10:30 – 15:00
Sunday - Closed

Why Chose Me: Services
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